Master PET is a leading authority in PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) and PE (Polyethylene) packaging manufacturer and distributor in Egypt.

We established the company in 2015, and within a short span of time, we have been fortunate enough to be the most sought-after packaging solution provider in the country.

Our expertise lies in the production of an incredible variety of biodegradable plastic containers, ranging from narrow neck to wide mouth bottles, jars, jugs, and caps. Also, the molding technologies we employ for packages are the most cutting-edge in this industry, such as:

  • PET Injection Stretch Blow Molding
  • PE Extrusion Molding
  • HDPE, PP, LDPE Injection Molding for all kinds of packaging closures.
Taking advantage of top-grade additives and masterbatches along with finest raw materials available, we guarantee you appropriate and attractive packaging solutions you’re seeking to make a difference in your business.  At present, we are primarily specialized in the production of :
  • spice jars,
  • squeezable bottles,
  • sports water bottles
  • variety of wide mouth jars.

And we look forward to expanding our product range into new areas, such as :

  • pharmaceutical packaging solutions,
  • baby feeding bottles,
  • fresh juice bottles, to name but a few.

All our packaging solutions are developed in our advanced and automated manufacturing unit, operated by world-class machinery, latest available technology, and highly skilled workforce. The popularity of excellent production and delivery service of Master PET has also gone beyond the borders of Egypt. Now, we provide our whole range of products to Turkey and many of the Middle Eastern and African countries.

We believe our businesses is one of the most critical solutions for environment protection since polyethylene products are recyclable and durable without containing any harmful elements that could destroy the nature. By producing and supplying top-quality containers and related products at reasonable prices, we’re happy to play a small yet vital part to protect our environment; to reduce global warming and to save both the living and non-living entities.


With the most advanced and customized PET and PE products and solutions for environment-friendly and sustainable development, we are committed to contributing our modest share in making the world a better place to live in. This is in addition to supply the best possible innovations in PET & PE packaging which will help our customer to better market their finished products and deliver the best solution of attractive products to the end consumers.


We look forward to expanding our business into more countries in Europe along with improving our manufacturing capacity to meet the massive production and delivery requirement for biodegradable plastic packaging solutions in the world.